Hello everyone,

This blog post will be packed full of new 3.0 updates, optimizations, and information! To kick it off, let's discuss some of the major updates we have done to AvatarCraft over the past month.

Updates 🔥

  • 1.17 Update
  • New Maps & Builds
  • New & Improved Tutorial
  • Custom Avatar Earth Map
  • Various New Cosmetics
  • New Custom Armor & Tool Sets
  • New Ranks
  • Texture Pack Updates [REQUIRED TO USE FOR JAVA]
  • Added Jobs & Quests
  • New Bending Moves
  • New Leveling System in Arena
  • New Donator Perks & Kits
  • New & Improved Crates
  • Scoreboard Updates & User-friendly Function
  • Balanced & Updated Custom Enchants
  • Updated Economy
  • Friend System
  • Virtual Currency Added [Tokens]
  • New Token Shop
  • Updated & Improved Staff Page On Site
  • Updated Global Artwork
  • New Webstore Artwork
  • And much more!

Optimizations 🔧

  • User-friendly GUIs
  • Better Server Performance
  • Bending Particle Reduction [BEDROCK USERS]
  • Lobby Balancer
  • Texture Pack Optimizations
  • And much more!

Updates To Come 📅

  • Gliders
  • Bi-Weekly Events
  • Holiday Updates
  • Arena Tournaments
  • More Giveaways

Want to give us some suggestions? Join our Discord server and create a suggestion using (,suggest <your suggestion here> in #bot-commands)! We're always open to any suggestions that players have that will make AvatarCraft a better network!

Discord: https://discord.gg/avatarcraft

Rank Information💰


Towny Ranks
Lowest to Highest Order

Spirit to Myth +500 Tokens
Titan to Sage +750 Tokens
Legend to Eternal +1000 Tokens
Immortal to Celestial +1000 Tokens
NEW RANK Dragon +1500 Tokens


Survival Ranks
Lowest to Highest Order

Spirit to Merchant +500 Tokens
Noble to Spirit +750 Tokens
Hero to Warrior +1000
King to Chief +1000 Tokens
Legend to Elder +1500 Tokens
God to Royal +1750 Tokens
Overlord to Divine +2500 Tokens

FAQ About Ranks:

What about Terra & Republic?
Terra and Republic are now merged. There is only SURVIVAL & TOWNY.

Terracraft Rank = Towny or Survival rank
Republic Towny = Towny rank
Republic Arena = No donator ranks on Arena, read below!

What about Republic Arena ranks? or is there any donator ranks on Arena?
At this time there is NO arena ranks and no republic ranks going to Arena! All arena ranks will be based on a level up system in-game that is FREE for everyone!

Will we get the Tokens with our new rank?
Yes, you will get the tokens with your new/old rank for 3.0!

Are we losing rank permissions / perks?
No you are not, the ONLY thing ranks are losing is PERMANENT Avatar perks. Otherwise, a lot of ranks will have their normal same old same perks & some newer perks!

What about rank prices?
Rank prices have been lowered to be more affordable. Some of you that purchased a rank previously for a higher price are now asking can they do that? is that fair? Yes, this is fair. In our Terms of Service which you agreed to, it states "We may change the prices from time to time, but changes will not affect any order you have already placed that has been accepted by us." I am only stating this here to resolve some issues players may have or be upset about. Like I said above, your rank is not losing any permissions besides PERMANENT Avatar if your rank had PERMANENT Avatar.

Release Date 🎉

AvatarCraft 3.0 released on September 18th, at 1PM EST
View your time zone here: https://everytimezone.com/?t=61452c00,3fc

Official Social Media Links 🔗

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AvatarCraftMC
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/avatarcraftmc/
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@avatarcraft.mc
Discord: https://discord.gg/avatarcraft

- AvatarCraft Administration Team