Hello gamers! Today I am here to present our new, and improved, arena server. We are bringing in many new things to help improve the player experience on our server!

On February 28th, 2021, we are planning on hosting yet another Element Leader Tournament. This is our biggest one yet, with over 70 signups! We hope to see everyone there in order to embrace the other players competing!

GoldenGrowl and AsianSwagger fighting in the last tournament!
Elemental Leaders Tournament #4 - Challonge
The 4th AvatarCraft Element Leader Tournament

Above is the bracket for the February 28th Tournament.

The tournament will be hosted in the order of Fire, Water, Chi, Air, and Earth. Updates to come soon with the outcome and winners of the tournament!

Arena Server Update

Following the Elemental Leader Tournament, on Sunday, February 28th 2021,  the arena server will be temporarily whitelisted in order to implement all of the new things coming to the server. Here is what we hope to have it include:

►  New Arena Spawn Build

► New Agni Kai Arenas

► New Main Arena

► Updated Arena Config

► Streamlined Duels system

► Added in queue system for duels.

► New reliable terrain resetting system.

Special thanks to builder Pikos777 for the beautiful spawn! Inspired by the Legend of Korra Pro-Bending arena. 

We hope these new builds, which were worked on by DrNeptunex, DSuga, Pikos777, and others, will help bring a new immersive gameplay to our server.

Special Thanks to DrNeptunex for the new Air Agni Kai!

Thank you for tuning into this new update! We hope to see you at the tournament on Sunday, February 28th, 2021 at 12 pm PST! Have fun Gamers!