What is this Website?

Welcome to the official AvatarCraft website. We will be using this website as the official source for major announcements, rules, and general information about the server. We will be posting regular announcements about upcoming features and events for the network. Check out some of the information on the website with the links below:

We are very excited for what is to come with this community, and can't wait to introduce brand new features including new moves, server redesigns, and so much more!


Tournament Winners

First off we would like to take a second to congratulate the winners of our February Elemental Leaders Tournament! These players trained hard all month, and have earned their respective titles as the master of their elements.

  • Air Elder - Hondly
  • Chi Master - Creativebldr
  • Water Chief - AsianSwagger620
  • Fire Lord - SpeerBunny
  • Earth Monarch - Hearth1

Welcome these players and again congratulations! These players have earned special in-game titles, exclusive moves, and an event crate key for winning.

How Do I Join?

We hold these tournaments once a month, and post the signups 1 week before the event. First, join our Minecraft server by following the instructions here. Then, to stay up-to-date on the tournament dates and more events, join our discord https://discord.avatarcraft.net! We post almost daily announcements about upcoming events, new features, and polls to engage the community. Discord is our primary day-to-day way of keeping the community informed.