Hello gamers! I am here to bring some of the BIGGEST news AvatarCraft has seen in months! We are resetting one of our servers... here are the details!

A reset has been long awaited.. and the tension has finally built into it happening.

Here is what you can expect:
► NEW BUILDS! New spawn, new shop, new everything!

A birds eye view of the new spawn... scary!

► WARP SHOP AND SHOP GUI! We have heard the complaints.. bedrock players cannot use the Shop GUI! To combat this, we will also be adding a brand new shop warp!

► 20k by 20k WORLD! The world provided to players before was VERY small, with no naturally spawning structures, so a brand new world is in order!

► SURVIVAL ASPECT! We have heard the suggestions, and want to make this new and improved server VASTLY different than our towny servers. Many updates will be made.. and the gameplay will be.. IMMACULATE!

► RULES! We will be revamping the rules on TerraSurvial. We have been told they were hard to work with, and we listened. Therefore, we will making new, still fair, rules.

► We will be KEEPING the world you have now as a place where you can go to visit and remember all the fun times.

To give back to the community, we are hosting an event that last 2 whole days!

We will be allowing our players to have access to creative mode.. yes.. scary.. but also very exciting. From April 15th at 12 pm PST, to April 17th at 12pm PST we will open up TerraSurvival to our players to give them creative mode, unclaiming all player claims, lifting regions, and.. maybe giving out some scary cool items.

We will still enforce some rules, as they are a necessity to our server to keep it a safe place, but we are expecting craziness. Anarchy.

Thank you so much for tuning into this announcement! We hope to see an abundance of players joining us for this event, and exciting reset.