Hacked Clients
Any client not explicitly approved by staff members that may give you an unfair advantage against other players, or significantly modifies yours or others gameplay is strictly forbidden.
Bugs/Exploit Abuse
It could be considered abuse of bugs if a player has found a bug and is using it to gain an advantage or break the server in some way. It could also be considered an abuse of a bug, if a player knows of one, and doesn’t inform a staff member of its existence. If a player tells or shows other players that is also considered abuse of bugs. Note: If a player is caught abusing a bug, everything they gained from it will be removed. (Such as, Money, Items etc..)
Alt Accounts
A player may have up to 2 alt accounts. Any more is strictly prohibited. If a player were to have any alt accounts, they must be a part of that player’s land, island, etc. Having an alt account on a seperate island or land is punishable.
Ingame scamming is strictly forbidden. Scamming can consist of lying about what item you are trading/selling, giving away fake items for real items, and/or Agreeing to something and not falling through with it. If a player scams someone through a buycraft deal / for IRL currencies, this rule also applies.
Charging back purchases on the server is by no means allowed under any circumstances. If you do a buycraft deal with another player and they chargeback, you will be banned, however the player that was banned can open up a ban appeal and the other player who purchased the items will be banned.
Ban / Mute Evasion​
Going on alts, or misusing commands such as report, helpop, and messages to evade a mute or ban is not allowed in any way. If the player's sibling or someone using the same IP as the player punished logs on the new player will be punished the same way. However both the originally punished player and the newly punished player (sibling / friend) must join a voice chat with a staff member to verify this. The sibling or friend will be unbanned / unmuted if this can be confirmed. (This will be done by the two punished players speaking out of the same microphone)
Creating Lag / Server Crashing​
Creating lag machines, or using something such as a bug to crash the server or lag out another player is strictly forbidden. Additionally saying you are going to crash or lag the server with malicious intent is also punishable. If you are found conspiring to lag or crash the server or another player, you will also be punished.
Lava Casting
Lava Casting on any server is strictly prohibited.
TP Killing
TP Killing and Player Warp Traps are strictly forbidden.
Griefing under NO circumstances is allowed within OR outside of any claims. If it disrupts the claim at all, it is punishable. This is to include mobs, villagers, creating outposts or spawns near or around another claim, and killing anyone within a non-pvp claim.
Constant Complaints
Constantly complaining using game chat in a way that disrupts players or staff members is against the rules.
Illegal Killing
Pulling Players out of a Non-PvP towny claim/plot claim in general into wilderness or PvP claims in order to harm them is not allowed. Bypassing /pvp toggle by any means is striclty forbidden.
Ontime Farming
AFK'ing for the sake of gaining ontime is strictly forbidden. This is to include afk machines, auto jump, and other ways of automating character movement.
Chat Offences
The advertising of any server ips is strictly forbidden in the any server related chat. Saying server names in the hope that people will join is also forbidden on the network.
The act of telling someone to kill themselves, or telling someone to "kys" in the main chat, or in private messages is strictly forbidden. Additionally, blackmailing or the attempt to gain personal information on another player or staff member is strictly forbidden.
Chat Spam / Flooding / Caps​
Spamming or flooding the chat with useless messages or caps isn’t necessary. For this reason, sending 3+ messages in quick succession is punishable. Using an excessive or large amount of caps is disallowed.
Bigotry / Hate Speech
The use of any racist, deragatory, hate speech and so on are forbidden. It will be counted as committing this offense if you attempt to bypass by changing a letter for example.
Showing Respect​
Respect staff and any decisions made by staff members. The official channels for feedback are located in our discord, so please use these. Do not harass staff or other players. Treat each other respectfully.
Keep it Clean​
No content that can be deamed Not Safe For Work is allowed. Please keep any content such as this privately. This includes gore, sexual content, and/or inapproriate skins.
DDoS / Dox / Swat Threats
Putting players information into the public is strictly forbidden. If you so much as threaten to do so you will be punished. Joking about this with malicious intent will also get you punished.
Staff Impersonation / Disrespect
Impersonating a staff member, such as pretending to be one by nicking yourself to look like you are a staff member is forbidden. Additionally, if a staff member is getting excessively disrespected either in messages or public chat they have the right to punish the offender(s).
IRL Trading​
The act of trying to sell things for real-life money, skins, or items that are outside of the server is strictly forbidden.
Suspicious / Inappropriate links​
Trying to send links that could possibly offend, make another player uncomfortable, or harm a player is strictly forbidden. This could include pornographic/malicious links (IP grabbers).
Renaming an item to advertise your code, player warp or links is not allowed. Any sort of mentioning of other servers/ips is not allowed either.
Discord Rules
Discord TOS
All players that are in our discord are expected to follow the Discord TOS. This includes the age requirement to own a discord account (13+).
False Tickets / Wasting Staffs Time
We do not condone creating fake tickets to scam or create rumors in the discord ticket system. This includes tickets that ask for free items with no evidence. Please only create a ticket when you truely have an issue.