Hello gamers! I am here to present a few very important and cool updates!


We will be removing the mob and spawner stacking plugin from Republic Towny. This decision has not come easy, but after extensive testing the performance improvements are too great. With this change, we're confident Republic Towny will be able to increase capacity to multiple hundreds of players. We have big plans for the growth of all AvatarCraft servers, and this change is necessary to accommodate that.

What Does This Mean?

All spawners that are stacked on Republic Towny will need to be unstacked, or risk losing them. To unstack, mine your spawners one by one, and create new grinders that accommodate the spawners not touching/stacking. Alternatively, you can hold spawners in your inventory until after the stacking removal.

Stacked mobs will be reverted to a single mob, so we suggest killing huge mob stacks now to get all their XP and loot. After stacking is removed, mobs will not stack. Instead, spawners will simply stop spawning if there are too many mobs stuffed in a single area.

Stacking will be removed from Republic Towny on Sunday, February 14th at 12PM EST (9AM PST). As you've been given 4 days notice, spawners that are not unstacked and are lost during this plugin change will not be refunded. Make an effort to unstack your spawners NOW!


We love LoVe LOVE OUR COMMUNITY! On Thursday, February 11th at 12PM EST, we'll be releasing the Valentines Crate! This is a new exclusive seasonal animated crate that will be purchasable on our webstore:

https://store.avatarcraft.net/ (viewable at 12PM EST, 9AM PST tomorrow.)

This new crate will be available for the remainder of the month of February!

This new crate will feature a heap of exclusive content. You'll have the opportunity to clad yourself in pink attire and weaponry, enjoy a delicious Valentines donut, or even dress up as a cat!

Exclusive Valentines Day Crate Items! Sharp 2/Eff 2/Prot 2 - Cosmetic Gear!
Releasing Select Items from /cosmetics!

We love our community from the bottom of our hearts and we will continue to report back with more updates.

Have a great day!