Hello Gamers! Today we are presenting an announcement regarding our upcoming Bending Update.

We are excited to provide new bending moves, and updated configuration for our current bending moves per staff and our players opinions. This has been a long time in the making, and are happy to say it will be releasing on February 6th 2021.

All of our current moves are under review, and we believe that our new updated config will provide the best experience for our benders! There was not one move that didn't get considered for new cooldown, duration, and more.

New Features

We have MANY new updates to give to our players. Here are a few:

Bending Tutorial

Bending Tutorial is an area that allows for players to learn how to bend more accessibly when they /warp bendingtutorial or when they first join our server.

Bending Tutorial is laid out in a linear fashion so each island displays a different type of bending. In order: Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Chi. On every island, there will be a sign in which you can click and have 4 moves bound. These moves will help you get an understanding, along with hologram tutorials, on how each moves work.

Bending Change

Alongside with this new update, we are allowing our players to change their bending AT ANY TIME! This has been long requested by our players, and we felt it would move our server in the direction we want it to. We appreciate all of our players opinions, and want to give back to our community in a positive way.

New Moves

Now to present what all of our players are probably waiting for.. drumroll please.. NEW MOVES! Each bending type will be receiving one new move on February 6 2021.



Description: Create a strong and sudden gust of wind to push away players!



Description: Send a whip of water, ice, snow, or plant at your opponent!



Description: Shoots arc of electricity that you are looking. This move attracts to some blocks, like iron blocks, or water, which will become electrified, or towards nearby entities. 



Description: Slam the earth to send blocks into the air, then shoot them towards a single point!



Description: This stance allows chiblockers to become faster and more stealthy. It also allows the user to become invisible as well. 

Thank you for helping our community grow, and supporting us through out journey! More updates to come!